Recent News

P&C Meet and Greet

Come and join us for a free sausage sizzle and a cuppa. A great way to meet and greet other parents.........

Stationery Presentation

As everyone would have noticed, there were stationery items marked on each Stationery List this year that were free of charge to families. CLICK HERE

Community Street Library

The Little Grove Community Street Library boxes are installed and ready for use.

Chaplain's Chatter

Jed would like to welcome everyone back to school.......

Room 3 STEM Challenge

Room 3 Students achieved their goals during their Wednesday STEM program.......

30 Second Challenge

Nothing is faster than disaster!.............

Bushfire Closure Information

Please STOP and take the time to read this important information.....

Classroom Meetings

Each class teacher will be holding a class meeting to provide parents with information regarding processess and expectactions of their child's classroom.