Music is an important part of what makes Little Grove Primary School such a great school. We have a dedicated Music room, in which our weekly music program is conducted. The program includes the use of tuned and un-tuned instruments, singing, dance and movement, basic theory, cultural influences, diversity of musical styles and history of music. The music room is equipped with a wide variety of instruments, such as general percussion instruments, drums, ukuleles and xylophones.


All students from year’s one to six receive tuition in music from a specialist music teacher for one hour a week. Pre-primary students engage in a shorter basic skills music and movement lesson once a week. All students learn to use the instruments in the Music Room, the expectations are very dependent on the age and abilities of the students.


Little Grove Primary School is part of the School of Instrumental Music Program. This is an excellent program run by specialised teachers in addition to the classroom music program. Students are offered the opportunity to take part in this program at the end of Year 4, for year 5 and 6. It is expected that students who start the program will continue in high school. There is also the opportunity for them to be part of an All Schools band (after school, once a week). At Little Grove students are offered lessons in woodwind and brass instruments.


The school’s Learning Journey night provides an opportunity for School of Instrumental Music and Choir students to showcase their work though performances.

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