Student Leader Report

Hello from Emily and Josiah  , we have interviewed Room 6 and Centre 2  this week to see what they have been learning. Please read our report  ...

This week I interviewed Room 6.  In maths they have been doing measurement, geometry and fractions.  They have also been making flags with the school colours and when they are finished students will take a vote to see which is the best.  In Aussie Optimism they have been reading Roly the Robot which started off happy and went negative.  In HASS they have been learning about Australian Explorers.  A big achievement for Room 6 is they also have the best cubby in area.  Well done Room 6 , keep up the great work.
By Josiah

Centre 2 have been having a lot of fun over the past two weeks.  They even had a visit from the police.  They took a tour around the school to areas they had not been.  In History they have been learning about their past to see how much they've changed since they were little babies.  

In maths they are learning about measurements and they have also make their own personal museum.  Keep up the great work Centre 2.

By Emily