School Board 2018

The Little Grove Primary School Board consists of the following members:
Tom Bowles                                               Chairperson                 
Julie deJong                                Parent Representative
Sarah Cross                                Parent Representative
Meg Hartley                                Parent Representative
Darryn Martin                                           Staff Member - Principal                                            
Marc Davies                                               Staff member - Senior Block
Maggel Berhbardt                                    Staff member  - Manager Corporate Services
If you would input into School Policies please contact one of the above members direct or send an email to and in the Subject title- list their name.  This email will be forwarded to them and tabled at the next School Board meeting.
Please note:  All School Board meetings are open to the public but may be closed for a certain portion of the meeting if discussing confidential student data.  School Board meeting dates are available from our term planner and newsletters which are listed on this website.




School Board Terms of Reference