Japanese Language Program

This year has seen the students of Little Grove Primary School consolidate on previous years’ language learning.  Our Pre –primary students have moved on from the ELLA program to twice weekly lesson whereas the Seniors are preparing for high school language education.


The students in Centre 2 have learned simple classroom rules and phrases. They have also been introduced to basic Japanese script types.  Terms 3 and 4 have seen students exploring simple Japanese text to facilitate familiarization with language concepts such as colours and numbers. This has culminated in the construction of their own text innovation and art project based on the Story “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What can you see?”.


Room 2 has been progressing through a series of units designed to build vocab and simple sentence structures useful to future language learning.  These units include simple greetings, numbers and colours with a strong emphasis on language games and songs. Group work and cooperation in these activities has been a cornerstone of the program.


The language focus for Rooms 3 and 6 this year has been on time. The vocabulary around days, weeks and months has been a springboard for using language structures about daily routines and ultimately self- introductions in both the written and oral form.


In the Senior Rooms the topics of Places, Transport and Directional Language were the focus in Terms one to three.   Students have learned to direct each other using oral commands and have been able to describe modes of transport in connection with place names.  Contrasts in Australian and Japanese   transportation systems have been widely discussed.  Term 4 has seen the return of the’ Hiragana Belt’ system for script learning. This has proved to be a highly motivating tool used to prepare students for their transition into High School language learning.


The Use of technology in the language classroom continues to enhance learning and extend students.


The 2019 Learning Journey night was highly successful in giving students the opportunity to showcase their work.  Students and parents participated in language and cultural activities throughout the evening.


Cultural aspects continue to be embedded in all LOTE programs as per the WA curriculum.  Examples of this year’s topics were the ‘maneki neko’ or beckoning cat and the ‘tanaba’ festival with its wishing trees.  Throughout these lessons students were able to make comparisons with their own cultural experience.


The continuation of a dedicated LOTE room in 2019 has enhanced all language learning programs this year.  The combination of environmental print and resources close at hand is advantageous to all.  It is hoped that the new Japanese style screen, desks and cushions in the Japanese room will create a motivational and culturally aware learning space that can be used as a reward and will further enhance the resources already in use such as the kendama toys and Japanese Garden.


Eaton sensei

Mrs Joanne Eaton – Japanese Teacher



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