Positive and Supportive Learning Environment

The Positive and Safe Learning Environment Team (PASLET) was formed in 2013 with the intention of implementing the Positive Behaviour Support framework and establishing a common understanding of expected behaviours within our school. This staff and parent committee has met regularly since then to embed and consolidate the four focus areas within the school which are:

  • Build Resilience
  • Be open to Learning
  • Show Respect
  • Be Responsible

Over the past 3 years we have embedded these expected behaviours by:

  • Demonstrating what they look like at our weekly musters.
  • Continuing to award Groovy Grovers as acknowledgement for showing expected behaviours.
  • Introducing a Golden Grover award for extraordinary examples of showing our expected behaviours
  • Introducing a Groovy Pearler award for showing kindness.
  • Adding elements of creative schooling to our expected behaviours.
  • Making new signs with illustrations from the children and having them erected around the school.
  • Implementing the Aussie Optimism programme schoolwide to encourage more positive social skills and thinking strategies.
  • Awarding exemplary behaviour badges/prizes for children who show our expected behaviours every day.

This Positive Behaviour Support System has been very successful at Little Grove due to the dedication and collaborative efforts of many staff members, school administration, chaplain, P&C and students.


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The PASLET committee has continued to consolidate Tier one strategies to address student behaviour and wellbeing and introduced several Tier 2 strategies to address anxiety, social issues and behavioural issues.

The key actions for 2022/23 period include the following:

All staff (including new staff) trained in Aussie Optimism and the programme has been implemented school wide in Term 2 of each year.

  1. I spy (Pre-primary)
  2. Feelings and Friends 1-2
  3. Feelings and Friends 3
  4. Positive thinking skills 4
  5. Social life skills 5-6
  • Aussie Optimism student books purchased for whole school.
  • You Can Do It online programme (K-6) purchased and used as an added resource to teach positive thinking and resilience.
  • Videos made showing expected behaviours and shown to school during assemblies and musters. Videos made of expectations which need most reminding.
  • Groovy Grover Mascot made and introduced to school community.
  • Groovy Grover card games and board games designed and used during behaviour boost sessions and social skills lessons.
  • Jigsaws of our expected behaviour signed made and used in Junior primary classes.
  • Faction acknowledgements set for 1000,2000,3000 and 4000 GG’s.
  • Students surveyed on acknowledgement ideas and ideas for exemplary behaviour awards.
  • Exemplary badge policy drafted and new benchmarks designed to” lift the bar.”
  • Staff attended the positive Schools conference 2022/23.
  • Intervention plan designed for children experiencing anxiety. Macquarie University screening tool used to determine students for the group. Two 10- week courses planned for 2024. Course based on CBT and relaxation strategies.
  • Staff behaviour matrix revised in 2023.
  • Sensational Staffer awards continue during Wednesday morning staff meetings to acknowledge staff.
  • Student Services Team formed (Associate Principal, School psychologist, Chaplain, 2 Staff members involved with intervention processes). Team has regular meetings to discuss tier 2 and 3 students and strategies.
  • Introduction of several lunch time clubs/groups such as journalling, art, gardening, relaxation, Drumbeat to assist children who may have difficulties in the playground and or in their personal lives.
  • Chaplain working with groups of students who need support with social skills and/or personal issues.
  • Reviewed EA timetabling to ensure children with social difficulties in the playground are monitored and supported where necessary.
  • Staff attended Berry Street Trauma informed practice PD and will continue throughout 2024 until all modules are complete.
  • School devised a policy for implementing Berry Street over the next couple of years.


Where to from here?

  • Classroom behaviour booklets, duty behaviour files and consequences to be revised with a view to a more cohesive and consistent approach. Better ways to inform parents and looking at behaviour boosts and their effectiveness. PASLET committee to discuss and then bring to whole staff for discussion.
  • Exemplary behaviour awards to be revised and staff and parents informed of processes.
  • Review processes for election of student leaders
  • Streamline process of referring for behaviour boosts
  • Evaluate effectiveness of anxiety interventions via screening tool and/or survey.

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