NRL Clinic

This week was our 3rd session of NRL. Next week will be out last session of NRL for the term.  


The focus for the junior students was how to pass the ball in rugby. The students were encouraged to step with their feet, swing their arm and when releasing the ball, to point their hands in the direction of where they wanted the ball to go. 


Here is what some of the students in Room 6 had to say about the clinics:  


“I liked throwing the ball sideways and forward. I enjoyed playing the head, shoulder, ball or cone game. My partner Erin and I had to race each other to get the cone or ball”. Shelby Room 6. 


“I enjoyed the side passing races. We had to hold the ball like a hamburger and pass the ball sideways to our teammates”. Koby Room 6  


The senior focus for this week was using their previous learnt throwing and kicking skills in modified games, whilst working together as a team.  


My favourite game was the head, shoulder, ball or cone game. Which was a competition between Zane and I to get the ball or cones. In the first week, I was lucky enough to win a free rugby ball from the NRL coach, Angus. ” Luke Room 8 


“There are three types of kick that can be used in Rugby and they are called the drop kick, sizzle kick and the grubber. My favourite type of kick is the grubber, where you drop the ball on your foot and kick the ball along the ground. “Kye D Room 8