2020 Book Week Activities

We have had some great fun this week with a focus on books and reading to celebrate Book Week. The students have enjoyed joining in with a few guessing games.  Children where shown 8 members of staff and their favourite books from when they were at Primary School.  They had to decide who owned which book.  There were 3 lucky winners who correctly identified 6 out of the 8 book owners.  We also held a guess how many Lego in the Jar competition which enticed visitors to the Library during lunch breaks.  The guesses ranged from 64 to 500, but the winning guess was only one off the correct answer of 286 ! 


Prize winners earned themselves a $10 voucher to select a book from the current Book Club magazine.


The Library was open at lunchtime for reading and word games.  A heap of new books for the Library were on display, along with a selection of the annual shortlisted  CBCA  Book Week award winning books.


Wednesday saw the spectacular display of our students dressed up as a character from a book. Wow—a lot of thought and effort went into the wonderful array of costumes.  Thank you so much, to everyone for joining in the spirit of this event, it was wonderful to see. 


Our Kindy and Pre Primary students also enjoyed Mr Martin reading them a story this week.



Reading Certificates issued for Book Week


It seemed fitting to hand out these new Reading certificates during Book Week, as we celebrate the  importance of books.  The following junior students are being acknowledged for their consistent efforts to do their home reading each night. Students were acknowledged for reading for more than 100 nights so far this year and two of our juniors managed to achieve over 200 nights of home reading.  Well done to you all for improving your literacy.



 Reading at home for 200 Nights                     


  Darcy        Elliott


Reading at home for 100 Nights


 Tom         Stormy     Lucas

 Jarrah      Jade         Isla

 Heidi        Clare        Emily

 Nina         Jed           Mason

 Elijah       Trinity      Ocean     Koby

 Saxon      Jeryco      Shelby     Sophia