Eagles Cup Round 3 - 11 June 2019

"Yesterday, on the 11.6.2019 our school played an Eagle Cup game and we versed Mount Lockyer. In the first quarter, two of their players came onto our team because we were two short. Once the game had started, we got the first goal then they came back with two goals in a row. At the end of the quarter, just before it finished we scored a point.

In the second quarter Mount Lockyer got two goals and we got zero goals but we kicked two points. Our backline did really well to stop them from scoring any more goals, but they did score a few points. We did get the ball down to our forward line but then they kick it straight back out.

In the third quarter Noah S kicked an awesome goal from about 40m out. The people that filled in swapped with two different people from Mount Lockyer. Again our backline did a terrific job at stopping them from scoring although they did get one goal and a few points.

At three quarter time we got lollies snakes and oranges they were delicious.

In the fourth quarter we did not score a goal but we kicked 1 point. They were winning by 19 points. It wasn’t a high scoring game but they did win."

By Declan R and Fynn H