21st Century Skills

At Little Grove PS we are planning deliberate learning opportunities to develop the skills in students for emerging industries and technologies including teamwork, problem solving, creativity, independent thinking, critical analysis, initiative and communication.  As part of this strategy, classes are planning learning activities that integrate Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.  Through STEM, students are learning to ask questions, work together, think creatively, solve problems, explore, take calculated risks, test solutions and discover new ways of doing things.


On Wednesdays this term, Room 2 and 6 have been completing their STEM/Digital Technologies units with help from Mr Bernhardt.  These classes have been learning and doing some amazing things.  Please see the following links to find out more on their amazing learning:

Room 2 STEM Project    -

Room 6 STEM Project

Room 8 STEM Project

Centre 2 STEM Project

Stem Ideas at Home