Marine Studies

Mr Davies year 5/6 classes have been utilising the local foreshore for many years, participating in Cockle data collection, foreshore clean ups and marine studies in Princess Royal Harbour.

Along with the local Department of Fisheries, Mr Davies has taken these lessons to the next level and has now added data collection of species diversity and abundance to his classes marine studies.

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Welcome to the Little Grove Primary School study of Princess Royal Harbour.  We aim to monitor the health of Princess Royal Harbour in Albany Western Australia.  The condition of this environment will be studied through various activities, including on-going biannual baited remote underwater video surveillance (BRUV).


With Little Grove Primary School situated within a few minutes walk to Princess Royal Harbour, the environment is our playground, our source of food and our place of learning.  Our goal is to understand the waterway better. To collect valuable information that can assist in the sustainability of this great resource.


Little Grove Primary School aims to use the best scientific processes and data collection methods possible in gathering information on Princess Royal Harbour (PRH).


The BRUV study will occur twice a year – once in warmer months and once in colder months. The bait and location of the survey will remain consistent. Global Positioning Systems have been utilised to maintain the accuracy of positions. Two sites will be surveyed each time we film. One underwater location will have a sand bottom and another a seagrass bottom.

Marine Studies - BRUV 2019

Marine Studies - BRUV 2018

Marine Studies - BRUV 2017

Beachcombers Field Guide

“Development requires modification and transformation of the environment… the planet’s capacity to support its people us being irreversibly reduced by the destruction and degradation of the biosphere and the need to understand the problem and take corrective action is becoming urgent.

Prime Minister MALCOLM FRASER – on conservation March 1980