Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) Program

Little Grove Primary School Welcomes PEAC

Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC) is a part-time program for academically gifted  public-school students in years 5 and 6. Children are withdrawn from regular class to attend one short (1 day) and one long (3 days) course of their choice each term, which will be run from Little Grove Primary School in 2018.


Albany PEAC includes 23 schools, and accepts around 25 additional year 5 students each year.     Students gain access to the program through state-wide year 4 testing (usually the top 3%) or  a teacher nomination process.


The Albany PEAC courses cover a range of learning   areas, and always include hands-on activities, many of which can be simplified and used in the mainstream classroom. For most courses resources are available that enable students to share knowledge and skills in their own classroom, and they are always encouraged to do so.


In addition, PEAC Albany offers a growing range of online resources to assist classroom teachers in   creating and adapting learning activities and programs to cater for their brighter students, including those who did not get into the program, but still need a greater challenge than most. 


Little Grove Primary welcomes Mrs Walker and her PEAC students to our school.  We look forward to meeting students from other schools around the district who will commence classes at Little Grove from next week. 


Mrs Walker is a highly qualified and experienced, extension teacher.  The staff and students at LGPS will also benefit from the experience and resources that she brings with her to Little Grove.