ELLA Program

Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) Program
In 2015, the Australian Government provided $9.8 million for a one year trial of ELLA in 41 preschool services nationally to determine the effectiveness of children learning a language through apps without a proficient language teacher. A total of 35 apps, consisting of seven unique apps for each of the five languages, Arabic, Chinese, Indonesian, French and Japanese, have been developed.  Little Grove Primary School successfully applied and implemented this trial in 2015 in the language of Japanese.
Since 2016, we are proud to continue this as the Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) Program for our Kindergarten students.
ELLA is a child-centred program specifically aimed at children in the Kindergarten. It includes a suite of materials, including apps, resource material and educator support networks, developed through the ELLA trial to support the effective delivery of early language learning in preschool services.
The Polyglots are the ELLA play-based applications (‘the apps’), custom developed for language learning on mobile tablet devices such as ipads. The apps provide children the opportunity to develop recognition of the different sounds and concepts of another language through play-based learning. Children are introduced to words, sentences and songs in the language and through age appropriate experiences and practices in the language.
The apps have been designed to consider the needs, interests and capabilities of four-year-olds. The apps provide opportunities for children to learn through interaction with a rich variety of experiences. The apps encourage collaboration, between peers and with educators as co-learners.