Bus Information

Bus Information - Smartrider Card


“The Public Transport Authority recently advised the City of Albanythe SmartRider electronic ticketing system will be introduced on the 22July 2013 on the TransAlbany fare paying town and school based bus services.


This means if your child catches or transfers onto a Town/School Bus Service - SmartRider cards and cash fares will be the only method to purchase tickets on those bus services. The current Multirider token system will cease as of that date. Smartrider ticketing equipment will also be installed on the outer regional School Bus Services ensuring smooth transfers for students needing to catch more than one bus on their way to school.


It must be noted students can only obtain the Student fare by using their Student SmartRider. Student SmartRiders must also be presented as proof of concession entitlement on all regional town bus services when purchasing cash tickets.


It is important students apply for and receive their SmartRiders before the effective date 22 July 2013 so they can start using SmartRider when the system goes live. To obtain a SmartRider parents need to complete a SmartRider application form, the form must be signed and stamped by the school, the school will also fill in the Student Number. You then need to mail your form to: SmartRider, PO Box 10, Westminister, WA 6061 (with a $5 cheque, money order – this is only for Secondary Students or replacement cards)


Click here for Smartrider Card Application forms.


All parents are advised to read the TransAlbany brochure outlining the process for obtaining a SmartRider which includes the methods to add value to the SmartRider and if you have any enquiries relating to SmartRider, Please call the TransPerth Infoline on 136213 (Free Call)”

Bus Information - Outside designated Public Transport areas

Do you live outside a designated public transport area? Is your child enrolled at their Nearest Appropriate School? Is your child enrolled in a pre-compulsory or compulsory education period? Will your child use the school bus for at least six trips per week? Do you reside more than 4.5km from your child's school?

If you answer YES to all the above questions, then you may be elligible for Transport Assistance.

For our school, there is a bus service that runs towards Goode Beach. You can apply online for this free bus service.

Please note, that you are not allowed to ride on this bus unless you have been registered. Follow the link below for more information and to register: