LGPS Book Week Lunchtime Activity

  • Date
  • October 25,2021

  • Time
  • All Day

Monday 25 October 2021 -   Sorting Hat Reading and Activity

Where:  School Library

When:  After Lunch Eating

What:   Join Mrs Weinert in the Library. She will read a short section from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone - all about the famous Sorting Hat.   Older students can then make themselves a secret device and sort their friends into their Houses!   Mrs Weinert will help the younger students to find their House!      Come along and have some fun.

Tuesday 26 October 2021 -   Big Book Give Away

Where:   School Library                                                                                       

When:  After Lunch Eating   -   (Plus after school if there are books left)

What:  We have removed some of our older books and double ups for the School Library Collection to make way for new books coming in.  These books still have lots of life left in them and we would love for students to take them home and enjoy them. 

Students are welcome to come along and choose a book from the special tables in the Library to keep for themselves.  These books will have the school barcode scored through – so you know not to return them to the library.

Come along and see what treasures you can find!


Wednesday  27  October 2021 -  Book Lego Creations  

Where :   School Library                                                                    

When:   After Lunch Eating

What:   Students are invited to come along and create a  “small item”  with Lego to represent “something” out of a book they have read.  Use your imagination, get creative and surprise us!