Groovy Grover Tally Term 2 Week 4

 Term 2  Week 4 Groovy Grover Tally

Waitch  -   1317      Towerin  -  1472         Warlich  -   1446

Our factions are well on their way to achieving their next target of 2000 Groovy Grovers - which is Wear your PJ's to school and Games afternoon. Keep up the great effort everyone.

Next Week the school Weekly focus area is:

Respect our plants and trees.

This falls under the heading of  Show Respect on our Behavioural Expectation Matrix.

It would be great if families could continue looking at our weekly focus areas at home - pointing out situations where this applies to everyday life, not just at school. We would love to hear any feedback you have on using these focuses at home - email: