Japanese On-line Exchange Day

“Konnichiwa’ was the cry ringing out across the senior block last Thursday.

The occasion was the first on-line exchange with Sannichi Elementary School in Arakawa Japan, just east of Tokyo.

Students from Rooms 4 and 7 exchanged greetings with their allocated groups then proceeded to practice their Japanese with their new friends who in turn practiced their English.

Little Grove Primary School has signed three year agreement with Sannichi Elementary School with the intention of scheduling four on-line interactions per year.  It is hoped our students will benefit greatly from both cultural and language lessons with the students in Arakawa.

Judging by the smiling faces and positive feedback from students, both here and in Japan, the first exchange was a great success and we look forward to our next exchange in the New Year.

たのしかったです。Tanoshikatta desu.  ( It was fun!)

Eaton sensei