Music - Room 6 & 8

Room 6 & 8 students join for music................................

This week’s music lesson for Rooms 6 and 8 was a little mixed up because of the Interschool Cross Country.  Half of the students who stayed behind from Room 6 went to Room 7 and the rest went to Room 8, going to Music class with the students in that class.  Room 8 have been working on a 3 Note Bossa and the Room 6 student’s picked it up very quickly with help from their older peers.

Room 8 have been learning recorder in class and as we are fairly confident with the notes to play 3 Note Bossa, we have used the recorders to play it.  The first and last section of The 3 Note Bossa are structured, with set notes to play, then the middle section is improvised.  They were to play the recorder for the first section, then could choose whether to play the recorder or the xylophones (or a mix of both) for the ‘improv’, then the recorder for the ending.  Room 6 played the xylophones for the whole piece.  

The instructions were to listen to the beat, and fit your rhythm with it, using only the notes B, A and G.  Improvisation is not as easy as we think it would be, it requires practise (experimenting), focus, a good knowledge of what works with the beat, listening and opportunities to explore all these elements.  Room 8 have been experimenting improvising music this term, but it was new to Room 6.

Have a listen to our improvised improvisation.

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