Hockey Session

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Hockey by Koby

For the last three weeks Little Grove PS students have been learning how to play hockey. For practise, we have been passing balls, pushing the ball then lifting the stick over and stopping the ball in front of you and walking the ball to different places like the basketball courts and the trees. Some classes have been playing tacking games and rob the nest.

It has been a fun few weeks and I particularly liked the passing. It has also helped me to learn about soccer! I now know a lot about leading, passing and stopping the ball. 

Hockey by Ocean

This term Little Grove PS kids have been learning how to play hockey. Some classes have been playing games; like rob the nest, tackling and some other games. For practise we have been dribbling to one another and trying Indian dribble. We have been pushing the ball, dribbling across the oval and hitting and trapping the ball. 

It is really fun. You have to use your skills. You move around a lot! The best thing was all of it! I have really enjoyed everything that we have done.