Solar Car race.

Do you need a quick stem report about the solar race on Tuesday? Also I have photos but I know you have some too! I have to pop in this arvo so can bring the ipad to you if you want more pics?


This term the STEM club have been learning about solar powered cars. The best way to learn is by doing so each week our STEM children have been working in small teams with the goal of making a solar powered car. 


Each group was able to build a car which could run on solar power but which could also be switched to use battery power in the event of no sun being available. 


On Tuesday the 6 teams competed in a. series of best of 3 races to determine whose car was the fastest. The Year 6 team (The Groovy Grovers) were our winners but the races were close and all cars performed well on the day. 


It was particularly pleasing to witness the teamwork, cooperation and problem solving demonstrated by the children taking part. 


I look forward to next year's Solar Challenge as these children have already acquired the skills to build a competitive car and will be tough to beat in 2022!