Marine Studies

Wonderful weather for our Term 4 BRUV drop..........................

The Marine Studies course in Room 8 were finally able to carry out their first and only BRUV (Baited Remote Underwater Video) and cockle sampling day for 2020 at Rushy Point last week. The weather was wonderful and all the students had fun.

Although, there was not the usual abundance of species seen on the video, we did see a western brown ray (shovel nose, fiddler shark) dance around in front of the camera.  It was wonderful to hear the students draw upon their knowledge of what was learned over the year to describe the behaviour and adaptations of the creature in front of us.

The cockle sampling went well, but with only 90 cockles found by the class this number was less than in previous years.  The Department of Fisheries were contacted and have said they will pass the information to their researchers.  Well done Little Grove! 

The data we are collecting in these foreshore visits is valued by the wider community.