Rugby Workshop

On Monday and Wednesday our students took part in a Rugby workshop during their Phys Ed lessons. Two of our students have reported on their experience .....

"This year, students of Little Grove Primary School participated in a Rugby Clinic for sport. There were two coaches, Angus and Shelly. They taught the students how to hold the ball like a hamburger and played a couple of games. One of the games they played was called Sleepyhead. Angus and Shelly passed the ball in a random direction and the students had to catch it. All the students had a lot of fun and would love for Angus and Shelly to come back again.

By Isabelle L"

"On the 17th of November we had the rugby league development members come to Little Grove.
They taught us some skills that would help us with rugby league. We learnt 4 different styles of kicks. The drop punt, the grubber, the chip and the bomb.

By Jett R"