Congratulations Little Grove Math Teams

Congratulations to our Math Whizzes who took part in this year's Have Sum Fun Online competition ..............................

Students from our maths enrichment program competed in this online maths competition run by the Maths Association of WA last term.

Under the guidance of Mrs Meaton, students worked as a team to hone their skills with practice sessions in the lead up to the official competition day.

All students participated to the best of their ability which resulted in some great results for their team and our school.  These results earned the teams prize money of $140 which they will use to purchase some fun maths games for our school.

Also featured in the photo below are those students who participated in the ICAS Information Technology Test last term.  Well done to everyone for putting in their best efforts.  Special mention of Tessa in year 3, who received a Distinction in this test - congratulations Tessa.  

Well done to all our participants.


Year 3 Team Yr 5 TeamYear 6 Team
Achieved 7th PlaceAchieved 1st PlaceAchieved 3rd Place
OllieStellaJosiah M
Chayse Jarrah