Chaplain Chatter

G’day Little Grove Primary community,

We’re there! It is now the final home stretch and we are well on our way to school holidays! While this is super exciting and I am looking forward to a nice break I am also saddened because this marks my last week at this lovely and amazing school...........

Beginning next term, I am going to be increasing my days out at Mount Barker Community College, which sadly means I am having to leave Little Grove. But, this is far from the end and I am sure I will bump into many of you around town still and at interschool events etc… but with holidays around the corner let us instead focus on fun and trying to enjoy the time we’ll have off shortly.

And so, continuing on in our series “The Strengths of Nature” we’re going to look at the Bottlenose Dolphin and see what this playful (and SUPER intelligent) animal can teach us about having fun!

The Bottlenose Dolphin is one of the smartest animals on earth and is capable of communicating with others, using tools and above all, playing! For the Dolphin, play is super important in how they get along with one another and they even integrate play into how they hunt, clean and travel, making their jobs and everyday life into one huge adventure. Dolphins have been recorded and noted as making up their own games and making a game out of anything that can be found around them.

Remembering to continually play, like the Dolphin, is important for us as well as playing, having fun and finding joy remind us of all the great things that life has to offer and can keep our minds off of other things that may stress us out or cause us misery. Try to turn your chores and jobs into a game that you can play so that you can get through them quicker and stay in a good mood.

So, be like the Dolphin and continue to have fun, never stop playing and always remember that life is for enjoying and making the most of! Try to make the most of all situations and to find joy at all times. Feel free to come in and see me in my last two days here, and remember, somebody is always available for a chat if you need.

Cheers, Jed.