Solar Challenge

Our school made up two teams to send to the Synergy Solar Challenge that was held on Thursday 12th of March at NASHS.

Our two teams spend their free time after school on Tuesdays to practice building and racing their solar cars. On the day they only had one hour to build their car from scratch. Both our teams managed to complete their cars in time, one of our teams with only a few seconds to spare, as they had to trouble shoot a wiring problem.

As it started to rain, teams could not use the sun to power their cars, and had to fall back on battery power indoors. There was a competition for Primary School Year 6 students and High School Year 8 students.
We competed against other Primary Schools, racing the cars against each other on a track, and we just missed out going to the Grand Final.

We would like to congratulate Mrs Margriet Walker and the team from PEAC that won the Primary School solar car challenge.

We would also like to thank Mrs Blogg and Mr Bernhardt for their time and effort to help our two teams to compete in this challenge.

Thank you to the following students for presenting our school at the Synergy Solar Challenge and making us proud:
Jarrah, Tristan, Joanna, Aimee, Fynn, Josiah, Aiden and Jett.