Cricket Clinics

This week students in Pre- Primary to Year 6 participated in cricket clinics run by the Great Southern Woolworth Blast Team

Tim, Sam, Bonnie and Kaitlyn spend two days at our school. Students participated in a variety of fun and engaging activities which focused on improving their underarm throwing, overarm throwing, bowling and batting skills.

Below are some photos and some thoughts from our students:

Room 6 (Year3/4)

Michael: “I Liked the overarm throwing at the cricket wickets.”

Eloise: “I liked how Bonnie taught me how to bowl the ball.”

Makayla: “There were lots of fun stations.”

Room 7 (Year 5/6)

Tom: “I liked the bowling game Knock it down, build it up.”

Tristan: “The cricket blast people showed us good activities and I felt that I improved my cricket technique.”

Izabella: “I leant new skills and rules about cricket.”

Room 8 (year4/5)

Reece: “My favourite game was Ready, aim, fire.”

Elenore: “I liked the bowling game Knock it down and build it up and our team won!”


Miss Upchurch

Physical Education Teacher