Community Street Library

The Little Grove Community Street Library boxes are installed and ready for use.

This project has been ongoing throughout 2019 and we are very excited to see the boxes erected for the start of our school term.

A big thank you to our previous Chaplain, Belle for suggesting the idea for our community.  A huge thank you to Mrs Bassett and students for the amazing job they did in decorating the Library Boxes - they look amazing.  Thank you also to Mr Tanner for weatherproofing and installing them.

The Children's and Adult Street Libraries are a gift from the school to the Little Grove community.  They are not owned or run by the school but are to be looked after and run by the whole community. 

So, spread the word with your neighbours and encourage them to come and have a look, bring a book, swap a book.  If you are a frequent user of the library, perhaps you could bring a cloth every now and again and give the box a wipe down.  

Next week, we will be placing a sign at the Little Grove Store to tell everyone that the Libraries are here.  We will also be registering them with Street Library Australia so that visitors to Little Grove can also find them.

We hope that everyone enjoys this wonderful way of sharing books in our community.