Can Collection for the Homeless

The response to this call for assistance from our school community was just wonderful. We collected more than 10 boxes full of tinned products that will be collect by Foodbank and be distributed to homeless people in our local area.

Part of this initiative was to make a sculpture with the cans that we collected.

Joanna put forward the idea of building a basket with the cans and filling it with other non perishable items that were also donated.

This was a lot harder than it looks - Mr Martin and a team of students sorted the cans before placing them into position. The hardest part was forming a handle for the basket with cans.  A bent metal rod and a load of sticky tape helped us achieve the handle.

NEWS Just to Hand .....Albany's Big Sleepout was held in the town square last night. People slept out to raise awareness and funds for the homeless people in the Albany area.  A few of our school community members slept out for the event, including some of our students - well done, and congratulations for taking the challenge and having empathy for others.

Little Grove Primary School won the "sculpture competition" and were presented with a $500 voucher, kindly donated by Albany Office Products Depot.  This announcement was made at the Sleepout and the prize was collected by one of our parents in attendance. What a big suprise !!

We will decide on the best way to use this prize and let you know in the next newsletter.

Thank you again to everyone involved.