Chaplain's Chatter

G’day Little Grove Primary community,

I hope everyone is traveling through term 4 with relative ease so far. Christmas is coming up so that’s pretty exciting! Now that it’s November I’m allowed to play carols in the house which is great!

I hope that everyone had a great time over the weekend! I headed along to the Albany Show this year and played some music with my Dad and a few others on the Friday which was good fun!  We played some Paul Kelly, Aussie Crawl and Little Heroes classics and had a good time. Sadly though, we made a few small mistakes here and there and our timing and notes sometimes clashed a little bit. This could have been devastating and forced us to quit and give up, or even ruin our day. Instead, we decided that making a few small mistakes wasn’t the end of the world and that we had a few more songs to perform to make up for it still. So, we kept going and played our half hour and it was great! We didn’t worry about the mistakes and most people didn’t even realise or remember them, when we talked about it. This was a reminder to show resilience and to keep things in perspective, to keep trying and to have a go. It was a good reminder that sometimes things do not go to plan and to keep pushing onward so that it is all worthwhile.

So remember this week, that it is never too late to have a go, and to keep trying even if you make a mistake.

Cheers, Jed.