Chaplain's Chatter

We welcome Caleb Drage to Little Grove Primary School as our new school Chaplain......................

Hi everyone!

Hasn’t it been an interesting year so far? 2020 really has challenged each of us. But wait there is some good news, with challenging times comes the opportunity to; help others, show compassion, ask for help or even to grow ourselves. We are now not just half way through winter but also the year (Yoo-hoo!). Well done to everyone for making it this far!


My Name is Caleb Drage and I am the new chaplain here at Little Grove Primary School- I hope to slide in where the amazing Jed left off and am excited to help and support the school in any way I can. I will be available at the school every Monday and Tuesday.


In my spare time I like to play/listen to music, go to the beach and spend time with my family of four. I like dogs, home-made sausage rolls, I think vanilla milkshakes are under rated and I think Albany is the best kept secret in the world.

I look forward to getting to know the people that make up the great community of Little Grove Primary School and am enthusiastic to contribute to it myself.


If you see me around, make sure to come and introduce yourself- as I am always up for a chat.


Take care everyone

Caleb Drage

Available Monday and Tuesday every week