Chaplain's Chatter

It seems that sports are all being postponed, parks are being closed to the public, after school activities such as swimming, dance or music lessons are being cancelled and with every cancellation life seems more different, and certainly more boring.

And this is where I will start a little “series” of writings titled “The Strengths of Nature” to help us to look at the wonderful world around us, and learn from their strengths different ways in which we can cope and get through this together. This week we’re going to look at the Honeybee and what this insect can teach us about finding a way.

Against the odds the bee finds its way to food based upon a dance by another bee that tells it where to go to find a tasty treat. The bee will then follow these directions and locate the food even when it is wet, windy or there are predators everywhere! The honeybee finds a way to get to what it needs to survive.
Likewise, despite all of the cancellations around us, we to can still find a way to play the sports we love, to do the activities we miss doing and to socialize with those we miss. We can shoot hoops in the backyard (even if we have to use a laundry basket), we can practice our guitar in the living room and find new songs and lessons online, we can talk to our friends on the phone or over zoom and we can spend more time socially with our siblings and family as they enjoy these activities with us.

During these times, try and find a way to do the things you would normally do but can’t do properly. This will help to bring some form of normal life back to your daily routine and remind you that it is possible to have fun and keep up with your activities even when you don’t think you can.

Continue to persevere and push on in these trying times, and remember I am always available for a chat if you need.

Cheers, Jed.