Eagles Cup News

It is Finals Time - come along and cheer us on.....

This week we played Eagle Cup against Mount Lockyer. It was the 3rd vs 4th A division final. We started off strong by kicking the first few goals. Now it was quarter time and Rogan gave us encouragement and said  “We are doing a great job”.

In the second quarter it was tough to get it out of the middle and half back. Then Mt Lockyer kicked a few goals, then we kicked a couple more. Near the end of the second quarter it was very scrappy.


At the start of the third quarter it started to rain and the wind pick up to make it even harder. Mt Lockyer kicked four goals straight and we didn’t kick any.


Suddenly, it was the fourth quarter and we started to win the ball out of the middle.  We kicked two more goals and they kicked a goal.  The final score was Mount Lockyer 50 and Little Grove 31.


A huge thanks to Rogan and Wade for coaching the team this year and all the players who turned up each week to play.


Report by Declan and Brock