Election Day Cakes, Raffle & Sausages @ LGPS

On Saturday, your P&C will have some Yummy Sausage Sizzles and Delicious Cakes for you to purchase here at the school as part of their fundraising.

Our Year 6 students will have a Wood Raffle, and the money they raise will help to reduce the cost of their camp this year.

We will have more details soon of where to donate baked goods, when they will be on sale, what time the sausage sizzle will be available and details about the wood raffle.

If you can donate some time to help with these wonderfull ventures - please use the links below to register your help:

Elections = Sausages sizzles and cake stalls!!!!!

Sign up link:


We need.....

  • BBQ experts to sizzle the sausages
  • Servers to make sure our sausages are served to perfection
  • Servers to showcase our baking talents


Winter  = Wood Raffle!!!!!

Sign up link: