Easter Hat Parade and Raffle

In the weeks leading up to Friday 12 April - students were busy creating their Easter Hats. Friday morning, after the final frenzy to get into the Easter Raffle, students showcased their Easter Hat Creations to everyone. Lovely to see a couple of staff with great hats as well. 


Our excited Raffle Winners are:
Maddelyn-R3, Tom-R7, Tessa-R3, Phoebe-R6, Mackenzie-R7, Anita-C1, Ava-R3, Luke-R3, Jarrah-R8, Eloise-R3, Ava-R6, Trinity-C2, Anya-C1 and Marley-C2

We managed to raise $652.00 that will be used to purchase two street libraries for the community.