Room 2 STEM project

On their last Wednesday of STEM class for this term, Room 2 students emailed Mrs Bernhardt in the office to tell her about their project. Some of the year 2 students even attached a document to showcase their new skills. Well done to students ranging in age from 5 to 7 years old, some still learning how to read and write, and having to deal with a keyboard that is only upper case letters.

Here are some of the documents that the students created, using skills like data collection, typing, manipulating graphs, inserting pictures, creating slideshows, interpreting data collected, saving documents, sending emails and attaching documents to emails.... to name but a few ......

From Tessa:

From Flynn:

From Kiara:

From Samantha:

From Allister:

From Chayse:

From Stella:

Email extracts from students: (Only editing was to remove surnames)

To Mrs Bernhardt, My favourite was tasting the honey.  And my favourite honey was Banksia speciosa. from Stella.

Hi Mrs Burnhardt. My fav...was the  creamed. The creamed honey was so so so so so so YUM!  My parntnaer  was in room 3. I allso lovd the taisting time! bye bye. from Miller.

Hi Mrs Bernhardt, I really like seeing the room 3 and room 2 kids et the honey.  From Sheby.

Good  morning Mrs Bernhardt, I really liked red gum. I  really  working with Room 3 room 2. 

my favourite was tasting the honey. from Eryn.

hi Mrs Bernhardt I like workng with my partner. My favourite yate from ocean

Hi Mrs Bernhardt I liked seeing room 3 in the science .My partner was Dixie .I liked redgum.

from Toby 

Good morning Mrs Bernhardt, I really liked seeing the room 3 and the room 2. I liked creamed honey. By Koa. 

hi mrs bernharardt I liked workn witg my partner. my favourite honey was rad gum.

from Saxon

hi I like Eting the tost with the honey flavu on it. my favrit honey was karri. from Rhyda

Hi Mrs burnhardt, I really liked karri. I really likedtasting the honey. from Alister