Multisport Day

Some of the players were asked to write articles for the school about their experience and teams. 

Article by Ruby and Lani:
Girls Basketball
Congratulations to the girls who represented Little Grove in the girls' basketball on Tuesday 9th April. We had two girls teams, Little Grove 1: Alice, Lani, Emily, Ruby, Amelia, Lili and Aimee. Little Grove 2: Evie, Jasmine, Sophie, Lily, Olivia, Mackenzie and Kirra. Thanks to our coaches Mr Vanderleer and Mr Castlehow for helping and supporting us before and during the games. Little Grove 1 versed Spencer Park first, then our second game was against Denmark 2 and we versed Flinders Park 1. We had a 40 minute break between the Denmark and Flinders Park game. Little Grove 2 versed Denmark 1 first, then Spencer Park and their last game was against Denmark 2.
The 2 teams were excellent! Everyone had at least 1 strength. Alice - a great dribbler, Lani - great shooter, Emily- a great defender, Ruby - a great passer, Amelia - a great defender, Lili - great at getting rebounds, Aimee - a great runner, Evie - a great passer, Jasmine - a great shooter, Sophie - a quick runner, Lily - great at getting rebounds, Olivia - a great defender, Mackenzie - a great shooter and Kirra - a great passer.
Great job everyone!!! You all tried your best.

Article by Declan and Caleb:
On Tuesday 9th April, 7 of the Year 6 students went to Multisport day for Hockey. These students represented Little Grove and they were awesome. The team was a mix between boys and girls. Their names were: Liesel, Hannah, Emily, Michala, Tyla, Caleb and Declan. We played 4 games and won 2. In the first game we struggled to get the ball but in the second game we won! With Tyla shooting the winning goal in the last few seconds! In the 3rd game we sadly lost to Mt Barker. It was Mt Barker 3 and we had 1. During our last and final game against Spencer Park, we scored 3 in the first half and didn't score again, but luckily it was them on 1 and us on 2. Well done to the students who participated in hockey as it was their first time playing hockey. Special mention to Tyla for shooting 5 goals and Emily for being an awesome defender.

Article by Remy and Charlie:
Boys Basketball

Well done to all the students who represented the school on the multi-sport day you were awesome. The team was Brock, Charlie, Daniel, Geoffrey, Jett, Noah and Remy. Congrats to all of those students. We played Denmark 1 first up at 10:40 and we won. Everyone scored a point which was fantastic. Our second game was against Denmark 2 at 11:10; that was a close game but we got the win. Our last game we played Spencer Park it was our closest game all day but we still won. We came out first which was great. Big thank you to Mrs Deb Smith for coaching the team and Mr Caleb Castlehow for taking us down there. Great job to Daniel for your first basketball game and the whole team showed great sportsmanship. We had some excellent rebounds and jump shots.