Building Resilience - Settling into School

Being away from parents, adjusting to a new environment with new people and adapting to a new routine can be overwhelming.

You can help your child by talking about the positive aspects of school - painting, making friends, playing sport or learning to read books for themselves.

Tell stories about your happy, funny and enjoyable experiences at school.

Establish regular bedtime and wake-up routines.

Children need plenty of sleep, but during this transition they may be more tired than usual and need time to relax.

You may find that rather than becoming more grown up, young children might regress or become more difficult or defiant, in response to the stress of the new routines - this is a normal response.

Children normally shed a few tears when they part from their parents.  Try not to extend your stay in the classroom as this can prolong and intensify
your child's reation.  This behaviour may last a fews days or a few weeks.  Teachers are experienced and prepared to handle this situation - they can give the student a special job, partner them up with a friend or introduce other strategies until the child settles.  Even if children have been to school previously, they might still find their initial weeks a period of change and stress.

Listen carefully to any worries your child might have, but build on their positive experiences to encourage a positive outlook.

Keep positive as most problems will resolve themselves as your child adapts to the new routines of school.  

If you do have any concerns about how your child is settling back into school, please see your class teacher.