A Farm visits Centre 2 !

Students in Centre 2 have been learning all about where our food comes from this term.


Mrs Pritchard arranged for the students to take part in a fantastic virtual excursion on an Australian farm.  The farmers appeared via video link on the classes big screen and were able to interact with the students as they explained all about how sheep and cattle are farmed.


Virtual excursions are an interactive, curriculum-linked resource that allow students to engage with beef and lamb farmers live on video stream.  Students see and hear what they do on their farms while taking part in educational activities, quizzes and even interacting with other schools.


The class learned firsthand about sustainable farming practices, red meat nutrition and how their food is grown and produced.


They also learnt about the importance of modern technologies and science in agriculture. 


Meat and Livestock Australia’s virtual classroom Cattle and Sheep Farming Today, gives students an exciting and engaging opportunity to talk to a working Aussie farmer.


Students learned about:


·         How farmers look after their animals and plants on their farm.

·         How different climates affect farms and the type of animals kept on them.

·         How technology is used to help run farms efficiently and sustainably.


Students also had the opportunity to complete interactive quizzes and speak directly to a guest farmer who answered their questions about life on a farm.

Click here to see an example  video of what the children experienced.