Classroom Meetings

These class meetings provide parents with the opportunity to meet other parents of children in their room whilst the teacher goes through the processes and expectations for the class.  Please avail yourself to this opportunity.

If you wish to see a teacher about your child, please do not undertake this conversation  before school or during lesson time on the classroom doorstep.  It is better for all concerned if you arrange an interview with the teacher at a mutually acceptable time so the conversation can be given the respect, time and confidentiality it deserves.

Class Meeting Times :

Centre 1 Blue Group - 20 February @ 11.30am
with - Miss Forth/Mrs Meaton

Centre 1 Jade Group & PP - 20 February @ 3.15pm
with- Miss Forth/Mrs Meaton

Centre 2 - 19 February @ 3.15pm -  Mrs Pritchard

Room 2 22 February @ 3.15pm -  Mr Corson

Room 318 February @ 3.15pm -  Mrs Dawson

Room 627 February @ 3.15pm -  Mrs O'Callaghan and Mrs Meaton

Room 7 20 February @ 3.15pm -  Mrs Knight

Room 821 February @ 3.15pm -  Mr Davies