School Board Vacancies

Vacancy on Little Grove Primary School Board;

1 x Community Member


The board is seeking expressions of interest from our community to fill this position.


If you know of a Community member who would be interested in joining our school Board please ask them to contact our Principal, Mr Darryn Martin, for information regarding the position and to to gain a sound understanding of the Board’s function within our school.

An Expression of Interest will then need to be forwarded to the school Principal. This expression should cover why you would like to be involved with the board and what attributes or contribution you would offer.


The term of this position will be 3 years.
Meetings that you would be required to attend are usually held once per term and twice in term four.
Meetings commence at 3.30pm and usually last for 1.5 hours.


Contact Darryn Martin via telephone 9844 4888 or email