Sustainable Learning Environment

Sustainable Learning Environment


Mrs Sharon Dawson is the Sustainability Co-ordinator for Little Grove Primary School.  Mrs Dawson along with members of the Sustainablility Commitee have been very active around the school.  The vegetable gardens and wine barrel gardens around the school are a huge asset to our school.  The bush area behind the oval is still a work in progress and is also a great educational tool for the students. 


Along with recycling programs, Mrs Dawson and the sustainability committee have set up worm farms and had a large water tank installed at the school which is used to flush the toilets. Due to the generous donation from a parent, the students also benefit from the set up of a hydroponics garden, complete with solar pump and fish.


In 2017 our school installed solar panels to lower our electricity costs. We look forward to monitoring our savings.  

CLICK to see an update on what we have achieved during 2017

Recycling Collected at the School Include:

Small boxes, jars etc for class projects                               


Ring Pull Can Tops


Useful Recycling Websites: