PBS - Positive Behaviour Support

The Positive and Safe Learning Environment Team (PASLET) was formed in 2013 with the intention of implementing the Positive Behaviour Support framework, and establishing a common understanding of expected behaviours within our school. This staff and parent committee has met regularly since then to embed and consolidate the four focus areas within the school: 


·         Build Resilience 

·         Be open to learning


·         Show Respect


·         Be Responsible




Over the past 3 years we have embedded these expected behaviours by:


·         Developing and teaching the expected behaviours in our matrix.


·         Demonstrating what they look and sound like in our weekly block musters.


·         Designing and giving our students a Groovy Grover as an acknowledge of
showing the expected .


·         Created a set of faction rewards based on weekly totals of Groovy Grovers.


·         Student involvement in creating Groovy Grover signs around the school
promote the expected behaviours.


·         Using the Bounce Back Program and resources to teach resilience, open to
learning and promote discussion on health and wellbeing.


·         Giving individual students social skills lessons as part of whole school       
behaviour management system.


This Positive Behaviour Support system and focus area could not have achieved so much without the dedication of many staff members and input from our students.


Our Team Co-ordinator is Mrs O’Callaghan.

CLICK here for an update on what we have achieved during 2017





Little Grove Primary School Behavioural Expectations