Kids Matter




The school has embraced the Kids Matter program as part of our positive and supportive learning environment focus area.  If you would like a quick overview, please visit and click on Primary Schools to watch the introduction video or follow the link from our website.


Little Grove Primary School is beginning to implement Kids Matter Primary. The action team have recently completed component one ‘Positive School Community’. Kids  Matter Primary is a national initiative that aims to contribute to improving student mental health and  wellbeing.


Mental health and wellbeing is vital for learning and life. Children who are mentally healthy learn better, benefit from life experiences and have stronger  relationships with family members, school staff and peers. They are better equipped to meet life’s challenges and to contribute productively to their families, friends and society in ways that are appropriate for their age.


Good mental health and wellbeing is integral to academic learning. Mentally healthy students arrive at school ready to learn and are more likely to achieve academic success. They are more motivated learners, have fewer behavioural problems, and show greater commitment to their schoolwork. They are also more likely to experience success after primary school, with a greater likelihood of graduating and better prospects for constructive employment.


Schools are more likely to achieve goals related to learning and academic success when students’ mental health and wellbeing is prioritised and addressed with the same enthusiasm as numeracy or literacy. Schools that promote mental health are also more likely to engage more productively with their community members, reduce student behavioural issues and achieve higher levels of staff satisfaction.


Throughout this year the action team with the help of a whole school and community approach, will work on component one: ‘Positive School Community’.


Respectful relationships enable the promotion of a sense of belonging and inclusion within the school community. Good mental health and wellbeing is integral to academic learning success.